Jan. 19, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- According to the latest report released by Gartner, the total global semiconductor revenue in 2022 was $601.7 billion, an increase of 1.1% from $595 billion in 2021.

Among them, the revenue of the semiconductor market in 1922 fell by 10.4% mainly due to the reduction in sales of memory and NAND flash memory. Gartner said that the memory market will still be difficult in 2023.

Gartner's report noted that non-memory revenues rose 5.3%, but performance varied widely across categories. The strongest growth came from analog devices, up 19%, followed by discrete devices, up 15% from 1921. Growth in analog and discretes was driven by strong demand from automotive and industrial end markets underpinned by long-term growth trends in vehicle electrification, industrial automation and energy transition.

In terms of revenue ranking, Samsung Electronics still maintains the first place in shipments, and Intel ranks second with a market share of 9.7%. Intel suffered a sharp decline in the consumer PC market and intense competition in its core x86 processor business, with revenue growth down 19%.