Jan. 11, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- STMicroelectronics has released five power semiconductor bridges in popular configurations in ST's advanced ACEPACK™ SMIT package, which simplifies assembly and enhances power density compared to traditional TO-type packages.

Engineers can choose from two STPOWER 650V MOSFET half bridges, a 600V ultrafast diode bridge, a 1200V half-controlled full-wave rectifier, and a 1200V thyristor-controlled bridge leg. All devices meet automotive-industry requirements and are suitable for electric vehicle on-board chargers (OBC) and DC/DC converters, as well as industrial power conversion.

ST’s ACEPACK SMIT surface mounted package delivers the easy handling of an insulated package with the thermal efficiency of an exposed drain. It allows direct-bonded copper (DBC) die attachment for efficient top-side cooling. The 4.6 cm2 exposed metal topside of the ACEPACK SMIT permits easy attachment of a planar heatsink. This creates a space-saving low profile that maximizes thermal dissipation for greater reliability at high power. The module and heatsink can be placed using automated inline equipment, which saves manual processes and boosts productivity.

While minimizing the stack height and enhancing power density, the topside cooling design and 32.7mm x 22.5mm package footprint allow 6.6mm lead-to-lead creepage distance. The tab-to-lead insulation is 4500Vrms. The package also has low parasitic inductance and capacitance.

The SH68N65DM6AG and SH32N65DM6AG 650V-MDmesh DM6 MOSFET half bridges now available in ACEPACK SMIT are AQG-324 qualified. Their Rds(on) (max) of 41mΩ in the SH68N65DM6AG and 97mΩ in the SH32N65DM6AG ensures high electrical efficiency and low thermal dissipation. They can be used in DC/DC converters for both OBC and high voltage to low voltage section. Their multi-role flexibility helps streamline inventory and simplify procurement.

The STTH60RQ06-M2Y 600V, 60A full-wave bridge rectifier comprises ultrafast diodes with soft recovery characteristic and is PPAP capable for use in automotive applications.

The STTD6050H-12M2Y 1200V, 60A half-controlled single-phase AC/DC bridge rectifier is AEC-Q101 qualified and has high noise immunity with dV/dt of 1000V/μs.

The STTN6050H-12M1Y is a 1200V, 60A half bridge that comprises two internally connected thyristors (silicon-controlled rectifiers – SCRs). AEC-Q101 qualified, it can be used in automotive OBCs and charging stations and industrial applications such as AC/DC conversion in motor drives and power supplies, single- and tri-phase controlled rectifier bridges, totem-pole power-factor correction, and solid-state relay.

All devices are in production now, priced from $10.00 for the STTH60RQ06-M2Y diode bridge and STTN6050H-12M1Y half-controlled bridge. The STTD6050H-12M2Y SCR half bridge and SH32N65DM6AG 650V MOSFET half bridge are $12.00, and the SH68N65DM6AG MOSFET half bridge is $18.00. All prices are for orders of 1000 pieces.

For further information please visit www.st.com/power-acepack-smit.