Nov. 21, 2022 /SemiMedia/ -- According to supply chain, TSMC will win a large order for Tesla's assisted driving (FSD) chip and produce it with a 4/5nm process. Tesla is expected to become TSMC's top seven customers next year, which will be the first electric vehicle customer among TSMC's main customers.

Tesla is committed to developing a fully automatic assisted driving system. Chips integrating high-performance computing, AI and other functions need to be produced using advanced manufacturing processes.

Tesla has previously stated that relying on the expansion of a fully automatic super factory, simplifying the design of components, and matching the production capacity of foundry partners, it plans to increase the scale of mass production by 50% per year.

As Tesla develops a new generation of fully automatic assisted driving chips, it will switch to TSMC's 4/5nm process for the main supply, while Samsung will provide part of the production capacity of the previous generation of old chips and memory chips.

According to Tesla's production plan, Tesla's production scale next year is expected to start from 3 million vehicles. If the order is placed centrally with TSMC under a long-term contract, the order volume is estimated to reach nearly 15,000 pieces, and it will continue to grow rapidly.