According to the supply chain, TE Connectivity China issued a price increase notice, saying that it will increase the price from December 1, 2022.

TE Connectivity said in the notice that over the past two years, freight and energy costs have risen due to global inflation, increased manufacturing costs, wars, trade wars, Covid and other factors beyond its control.

TE said it had been working to minimise the overall impact by further streamlining procurement and process efficiencies, pressures, but it was now beyond what TE could handle.

TE China mentioned in the notice that the TE headquarters and other regions have communicated with customers about the price adjustment plan and have begun to implement it gradually. Therefore, TE China will adjust the price of the product according to the situation. The new prices, once agreed, will take effect on December 1, 2022.

TE China said the new prices apply to new orders received from the adjustment date and products delivered since the adjustment date. As of the adjustment date, TE will not accept any new orders if the price stated in the order is lower than the new adjusted price.