According to the 2021 automotive semiconductor market statistics released by the research institute Semiconductor Information (SI), Infineon ranked first in the market with sales of $5.725 billion in automotive semiconductors, and automotive semiconductor sales accounted for about 44% of the company's revenue in the same period.

SI: Automotive semiconductor shortage will continue until 2023-SemiMedia

NXP Automotive Semiconductors, which has the second largest market share, has a revenue of US$5.493 billion, and Renesas, which ranks third, has a revenue of US$4.21 billion.

The top ten manufacturers have a combined revenue of about US$69 billion, accounting for 46% of the overall market.

Bill Jewell, president of SI, believes that it will take time to alleviate the shortage of automotive semiconductors, and the supply chain tension will continue until 2023. Vehicle prices are expected to continue to rise due to limited vehicle production capacity.