STMicroelectronics recently released two STPOWER modules containing 1200V silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs in popular configurations. Each uses ST’s ACEPACK12 package technology to ensure high power density and simplified assembly.

The first of the new modules, the A2F12M12W2-F1, is a four-pack module that provides a convenient and compact full-bridge solution for circuits such as DC/DC converters.

Another module, the A2U12M12W2-F2, employs a three-level T-type topology to combine high conduction and switching efficiency with consistent output-voltage quality.

The MOSFETs in these modules leverage ST’s second-generation SiC technology, which has an outstanding RDS(on) x die-area figure of merit to ensure high current-handling capability with minimal losses. With 13mΩ typical RDS(on) per die, both full-bridge and T-type topologies tackle high-power applications and ensure excellent energy efficiency with simplified thermal management due to low dissipation.

The ACEPACK 2 package has compact dimensions and ensures high power density, with an efficient alumina substrate and direct bonded copper (DBC) die attachment. The external connections are press fit pins that simplify assembly in potentially harsh-environment equipment such as electric vehicles (EVs) and power conversion for charging stations, energy storage, and solar energy. The package provides 2.5kVrms insulation and contains an integrated NTC temperature sensor that can be used for system protection and diagnostics.

The modules are in production now and the unit price is $235.20 for both the A2F12M12W2-F1 four-pack configuration and the A2U12M12W2-F2 three-level T-type inverter. For further information please visit