According to supply chain insiders, GlobalFoundries plans to raise prices for some of its manufacturing processes by 8% in 2023.

The source said GF has just secured a new order from Qualcomm worth $4.2 billion, and by 2028, GF will receive a total order of $7.4 billion from Qualcomm.

In addition, the source also revealed that TSMC intends to maintain its planned price increase of 6-8% from next year.

TSMC's offer in 2022 has already been raised by 10-20%. One of TSMC's U.S. customers has agreed to accept a 7% price hike for the foundry next year, with the rising costs passed on to downstream customers.

The source also said that Samsung Electronics is considering a 20% increase in chip prices because the Samsung foundry has significantly raised its 5nm and 4nm manufacturing process yields.