According to reports, DRAM manufacturer Nanya Technology recently announced that it will spend NT$300 billion (approximately $10 billion) to build a new 12-inch wafer fab in New Taipei City, which is expected to break ground on June 23.

According to Nanya Technology’s plan, the fab aims to start mass production in 2025, with a monthly production capacity of about 45,000 pieces of DRAM with 10nm process technology.

In recent years, Nanya Technology has actively invested in independent technology development and process conversion, and developed a new 10-nanometer DRAM memory technology in early 2020.

Nanya Technology said that with the development of 5G, AI, Internet of Things, big data, autonomous driving, Metaverse and other technologies, the launch of various consumer smart electronic products in the future will drive the diversification of DRAM applications, and the demand for DRAM will grow by 15 to 20% every year.