Infineon Technologies AG today announced the launch of a complete power management offering for compute servers based on Intel’s Sapphire Rapids compute processing units (CPU). This new “pick-and-place” solution utilizes several Infineon power management devices and technologies that deliver optimum power efficiency and performance, including XDP™ digital multiphase controllers, OptiMOS™ integrated power stages and OptiMOS IPOL voltage regulator. This offering will help leverage the green potential of data centers.

“These power management solutions combine our software-defined digital controllers with best-in-class integrated power stage and POL converter to deliver outstanding energy efficiency and overall system performance,” said Rakesh Renganathan, Director of Marketing, Power & Sensor Systems Division of Infineon. “By leveraging our cutting-edge technologies, we provide our customers with flexibility in system design to maximize performance across various workloads and system architectures. We are excited to bring this solution to the market and to further digitalize the world.”

The XDP hyper transient phase XDPE152 series controllers (XDPE15284D, XDPE15254D, XDPE152C4D) are based on the ultra-low-power Arm® Cortex®-M0 for maximum flexibility and optimized performance across workloads, along with ultra-fast dynamic load response time. The proprietary control algorithms offer ultra-high-speed response by effectively managing pulsating processor peak currents with minimal output capacitance. In addition, the software-defined architecture offers unique flexibility for system designers to optimize system performance across different system architectures and processor workloads.

The TDA215xx series of OptiMOS integrated power stages leverage the industry’s best OptiMOS 6 technology to offer superior efficiency (> 95 percent) and reliability, thereby reducing system cooling and maintenance costs significantly.

The OptiMOS IPOL TDA38640 converter features the best transient response enabled by Infineon’s proprietary Fast Constant ON Time (COT) control engine and enhanced digital telemetry when operating with Intel’s serial voltage identification (SVID) and PMBus.