Yageo announced on April 1 that a factory of its subsidiary Tokin in Sendai, Japan will be sold to Daiwa house, with a total transaction value of 9.075 billion yen.

According to public information, Yageo has two factories in Sendai, Japan, and the factories sold mainly produce magnetic components, sensors and other products.

Yageo pointed out that the company has two factories in Sendai. Considering the integration of the group's resources, it has decided to merge the two factories and make full use of the asset benefits. Therefore, one of the factories will be sold to Daiwa house.

A few days ago, Pierre Chen, chairman of Yageo, said that in the next five years, Yageo Group will become a major passive component manufacturer in the world. The sale of the Sendai plant may be a step toward its goal.