According to the supply chain, Micron recently raised the contract price and spot price of NAND chips. Among them, the contract price increased by 17% to 18%, and the spot price was about 25%.

The source said that since the contract price is negotiated monthly, Micron's price increase will take effect almost immediately, and it is expected to be fully reflected in early March.

The NAND flash capacity of Kioxia and Western Digital accounts for more than 32% of the global NAND chip market, and Micron is now the fifth largest NAND chip supplier in the world, with a market share of more than 10%. After the contamination accident at the Kioxia factory, there was news that it would hit the market.

However, Micron did not respond to rumors of NAND chip prices, emphasizing that the company's operations were not affected by contamination accident at other companies' factories.