According to reports, GlobalWafers announced that it will carry out an expansion plan. The funds originally planned for the acquisition of Siltronic will be converted into capital expenditures and operating turnover, and the existing plants and new plants will be expanded. Total capital expenditure is expected to reach NT$100 billion (about $3.6 billion) from this year to 2024.

GlobalWafers chairman and chief executive Doris Hsu said that even if the acquisition of Siltronic failed, a two-track strategy had been planned in advance. "Every acquisition in the past by GlobalWafers has alternatives," she said.

The report pointed out that GlobalWafers' expansion plans include 12-inch wafers and epitaxy, 8-inch and 12-inch SOI, 8-inch FZ, SiC wafers (including SiC Epi), GaN on Si and other products.