Infineon Technologies AG has launched the new MOTIX™ BTN99xx (NovalithIC™+), a unique family of intelligent integrated half-bridges and the direct successor to the BTN89xx. Besides a p-channel high-side and an n-channel low-side MOSFET, BTN99xx also includes smart driver ICs fully integrated in a single package. Its ease-of-use, advanced protection and scalability make the family ideal for a wide range of automotive applications. In addition, the integration of functions in a single rugged package makes the BTN99xx suitable for applications where low PCB consumption is critical. Due to its reliability, it is also a perfect fit for seat controls, electric tailgates and sliding doors, fuel pumps and other applications.

“MOTIX BTN89xx (NovalithIC+) is a well-known and a very successful product family on the market. Since 2015, we have delivered more than 500 million units to automotive customers worldwide,” said Andreas Doll, Senior Vice President and General Manager Automotive Body Power at Infineon. “Our new BTN99xx family comes in a small HSOF-7 package and offers a footprint saving of 60 percent compared to the previous generation.”

The new devices have been realized in a robust package using Infineon's advanced chip-by-chip and chip-on-chip assembly technology. Due to Infineon's latest MOSFET technologies with innovative chip thinning process, it was possible to reduce the typical path resistance for BTN99xx by 47 percent to 5.30 mΩ at 25°C, while the current limit was increased to 75 A. As a result, this family is a unique and cost-optimized solution in the market for high-current PWM (pulse width modulation) motor drives with very low PCB consumption.

The MOTIX BTN99xx complements Infineon's current MOTIX motor control IC portfolio, which ranks between discrete gate drivers and highly integrated embedded power motor control products featuring an Arm® processors. The BTN99xx family consists of two product variants, the BTN9970LV and BTN9990LV, all housed in a 7 x 8 mm² HSOF-7 package.

BTN9970LV is released for production, BTN9990LV will be launched in February 2022. More information please visit