GlobalFoundries and Ford recently announced a strategic cooperation to promote semiconductor manufacturing and technological development in the United States, aiming to increase the supply of chips for Ford and the US automotive industry.

The two companies have signed a non-binding agreement that opens the door for GF to create more semiconductor supplies for Ford's current car series and joint R&D to address the growing demand for feature-rich chips and support the automotive industry. These may include semiconductor solutions for ADAS, battery management systems, and in-vehicle networks for automation, connectivity, and electrification. GF and Ford will also explore opportunities to expand semiconductor manufacturing to support the automotive industry.

“It’s critical that we create new ways of working with suppliers to give Ford – and America – greater independence in delivering the technologies and features our customers will most value in the future,” Ford President and CEO Jim Farley said. “This agreement is just the beginning, and a key part of our plan to vertically integrate key technologies and capabilities that will differentiate Ford far into the future.”