On August 16, Wingtech Technology issued an announcement stating that the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Nexperia, received a notice of shareholder equity confirmation from Companies House on August 12, confirming that Nexperia holds all the shareholders' equity of NEPTUNE 6 LIMITED, the parent company of Newport Wafer Fab. So far, the acquisition has been completed, and Nexperia holds 100% equity of NWF.

The public information on Nexperia's acquisition of NWF began with a statement in early July 2021. At that time, Nexperia signed an acquisition agreement with NWF parent company NEPTUNE and its shareholders for a transaction price of approximately £63 million.

As Nexperia's own wafer fab does not currently have the production capacity of IGBT chips, the successful acquisition of NWF will help Nexperia to further extend its product line, further enrich the supply capacity of automotive chips, and increase marke share. In addition, NWF's compound semiconductor technology can also enhance Nexperia's strength in the field of compound semiconductors.

Insiders in the semiconductor industry said that the acquisition of NWF is an important part of Nexperia's automotive chip market strategy.