RS Components of Electrocomponents PLC recently announced the launch of the Molex Interactive 'Connected Home' Technology Center, which is now available on the DesignSpark website of the RS Components online design community.

The Connected Home hub, developed by RS and Molex connectors, brings together all of Molex's advanced connectivity technologies provided by RS to help developers and engineers create solutions for interconnected homes.

Our family continues to evolve to meet the needs of our changing lifestyle. More and more intelligent and integrated smart systems bring next-generation connected devices into homes such as smart home appliances and thermostats, network security and lighting, and wireless media devices.

RS and Molex interactive interconnect home hubs provide five key application areas: security and monitoring; home automation; smart appliances; home entertainment streaming media; and energy and utilities. To support engineers and buyers, the center offers links to a wide range of custom and standard connectivity solutions developed by Molex for modern homes and can be purchased from RS, including LED displays, antennas and USB connectors.