As disclosure, the Bluetooth SIG Board of Directors has suspended ZTE's Bluetooth SIG membership and entered into force on May 9, 2018. The reason for this result is that ZTE violated US export control regulations and the U.S. Department of Justice restarted the refusal order.Bluetooth SIG has suspended ZTE’s membership-SemiMedia

During the suspension of membership, ZTE is prohibited from participating in Bluetooth SIG activities and cannot use its Bluetooth SIG user account to access Bluetooth SIG resources, including working groups and product qualifications. At the same time, the Bluetooth SIG has deleted all ZTE user accounts.

The Bluetooth SIG is a multinational organization that aims to develop Bluetooth specifications and promote Bluetooth technology. It owns the Bluetooth trademark and is responsible for certifying manufacturers and authorizing them to use Bluetooth technology and the Bluetooth logo, but it is not responsible for the design, manufacture and sale of Bluetooth devices. The suspension of the ZTE Bluetooth SIG membership means that in the future, ZTE's Bluetooth-enabled products will not be able to pass the BQB certification. Products that fail to pass this certification will also be unable to be sold to the market, or they will be infringed.

As of press time, the official announcement of the Bluetooth SIG official website has not yet been issued.