On May 11, China's semiconductor manufacturer Silan Microelectronics announced that it has recently launched a 12-inch high-voltage integrated circuit and power device chip technology upgrade and production expansion project.

According to the announcement, the project will increase the annual production capacity of 240,000 12-inch high-voltage integrated circuits and power device chips in Silan’s existing 12-inch integrated circuit chip plant by adding production equipment. The total investment of the project is 2 billion yuan (about 310 million US dollars), and the implementation period is 2 years.

Silan Micro said that in December 2020, Silan's first 12-inch chip production line has been officially put into production. It is expected that in the fourth quarter of this year, the monthly production target of 30,000 12-inch tablets will be achieved.

Silan Micro further pointed out that the expansion and technology improvement projects will help accelerate the construction and operation of Silan's 12-inch integrated circuit chip production line, further improve the level of manufacturing technology, and have a long-term role in promoting the company's business development.