Recently, Taiwan’s largest memory chip manufacturer Nanya Technology confirmed that it has received a regulatory order from Taiwan’s “Ministry of Economic Affairs” to require to apply for approval before releasing shipment to ZTE. The Nanya Technology will soon report to the “Ministry of Economic Affairs” to apply for the sale of its memory chips to ZTE, the sales to ZTE in the short term will be affected, which means that related incidents of ZTE have been extended from the mobile communications related fields to the DRAM industry, which has aroused great concern in the industry.

For the actual amount of monthly shipments of ZTE, Nanya did not disclose, only that ZTE is the company's customers, although the proportion of revenue is not high, but in accordance with the requirements of the "Ministry of Economic Affairs", has submitted an application for review. The sales could be continued as long as ZTE guarantee the memory used will not be used for transmission to areas that violate the United States ban. However, in the short term, Nanya's shipment for ZTE has been delayed due to the application process.

Nanya stressed that at present, DRAM supply is in short supply and market demands are high and does not worry that the US’s export control to ZTE will affect the Nanya business. However, if Huawei is also sanctioned by the United States, its influence may be greater than that of ZTE, and Nanya will pay close attention to follow-up development.