Recently, NXP Semiconductors issued a statement saying that its manufacturing plants in Austin, Texas, USA has resumed initial operations.

According to earlier reports, winter storms and subsequent utility disruptions damaged NXP’s two wafer fabrication plants in Austin and led to a total shutdown that began on February 15, 2021.

NXP said that employees have returned to the production line on February 27. Since then, the NXP team has been repairing the damage on site, evaluating the affected system and performing equipment recalibration. Personnel are currently evaluating wafer-level work-in-progress (WIP) to ensure appropriate product quality. However, affected by the storm, NXP's two wafer fabrication plants in Austin have lost about one month of wafer production.

“The weather conditions and utility disruptions the state of Texas experienced last month were truly unprecedented. We are pleased that our Austin facilities have now resumed initial operations and we are making solid progress on our recovery plan designed to return the wafer fabs to pre-storm production levels. We understand the supply disruptions may impact our customers and we are working to ramp to full production while maintaining quality for these complex manufacturing processes. We continue to provide updates to affected customers on a regular basis and are working tirelessly to minimize potential disruption,” said Kurt Sievers, NXP’s president and CEO.