Apple recently held a financial report for the memory price outlook, Apple said that NAND quotes will go down in the near future; in terms of DRAM, the price may also approach the peak, is expected to reach the end of this year.

Wayne Allan, senior vice president of Micron Technology recently held a media conference in Taiwan. He is optimistic that this year's memory will be healthy and stable, with strong DRAM demand and a balance between NAND Flash supply and demand.

Wayne Allan said that the annual demand growth of DRAM is about 20%, and the expansion of Micron is close to the market demand, and it will focus on the strongest growth areas, especially after Micron’s acquisition of Inotera, the total production capacity increase by 30%.

In addition, Sanjay Mehrotra, CEO of Micron Technologies, said that the NAND industry's bit-output growth rate is expected to be slightly higher than 45% this year. As demand in the DRAM market is no longer concentrated in the PC industry, the larger prospects will come from the cloud, servers and other needs.

As for NAND Flash, as 3D NAND production capacity is put into the market and suppliers continue to expand production, this year is no longer a good thing. Prices have been declining since the start of this year. However, the industry believes that the downturn in the second half of the year has a chance to improve. In the long run, SSD and other needs are still growing.