ROHM, together with Sanden Huayu Automotive Air-Conditioning Co., Ltd., China’s largest manufacturer of automotive air conditioners, held an opening ceremony announcing the establishment of a joint technical laboratory at Sanden Huayu’s headquarters in Shanghai, China.

Since 2018, ROHM and Sanden Huayu have carried out technical exchanges and collaborated on developing automotive applications equipped with advanced power devices, such as ROHM IGBTs. As a result, electric compressors utilizing ROHM IGBT power devices and peripheral components have been in mass production since October 2020.

This new joint laboratory contains a number of important equipment required for evaluating devices and automotive applications, primarily automotive air-conditioning systems.

Going forward, the two companies will continue to strengthen their collaborative relationship to accelerate the development of innovative solutions by evaluating ROHM power devices along with IPMs that combine driver ICs with peripheral components.