According to reports, Broadcom CEO Hock Tan said in an interview recently that customers are increasing orders at an unprecedented rate.

Hock Tan revealed that customers have ordered 90% of Broadcom's 2021 supply. Since mid-2020, the company has reviewed its backlog of orders to ensure consistency with the actual consumption of final products such as smartphones and network equipment. Hock Tan further stated that because of Broadcom's order policy, these orders are irrevocable, so he believes that the orders are real.

Although the electronics-related industries complain about the shortage of chips, Hock Tan said that Broadcom has obtained enough output from outsourcing providers to meet the demand for expected orders.

In addition, according to sources in the semiconductor supply chain, many semiconductor manufacturers' orders have exceeded their 2021 supply. Among them, the delivery date of some products of ON Semiconductor has been scheduled to 2022.