Porsche CEO Oliver Blume said in an interview with CNBC on Monday that the global semiconductor shortage may affect the company's operations in the next few months.

Oliver Blume told CNBC: "The entire semiconductor industry is affected by the huge demand for consumer electronics and the accelerated recovery of the automotive industry. We may be affected every day, so we will pay close attention to what we can do in the coming days and months. We must relax in the short term and look for long-term measures."

Analysts said that the chip shortage has had a particularly serious impact on the auto industry, because the auto industry has been relying on just-in-time supply strategies for decades to save capital.

When asked whether Porsche will be forced to reconsider the supply model, Oliver Blume answered in the affirmative.

CNBC pointed out that at the end of last year, global car sales soared suddenly, and there was a shortage of key chips. The shortage of supply caused a standstill in the assembly line of the automotive industry that relied on chips, and the production of hundreds of thousands of vehicles worldwide was suspended. The production of major global automakers including Volkswagen, Ford, Subaru, Toyota, Nissan, General Motors, Audi, etc. have all been affected.