ROHM releases a 24-model lineup of 24V input, -40V/-60V withstand voltage P-channel MOSFETs available in both single and dual configurations – ideal for industrial and consumer applications such as factory automation, robotics, and air conditioning systems.

In recent years, as demand for higher efficiency and power density drives adoption of higher input voltages in industrial and consumer applications, MOSFETs are expected to provide not only low ON resistance, but high withstand voltages as well.

Two types of MOSFETs exist: N-channel and P-channel. Although N-channel types generally feature higher efficiency, when used in the high side a gate voltage higher than the input voltage is needed, complicating circuit configuration. On the other hand, P-channel MOSFETs can be driven with a gate voltage lower than the input voltage, simplifying circuit configuration considerably while reducing design load.

Against this backdrop, ROHM developed low ON resistance -40V/-60V P-channel MOSFETs compatible with 24V input utilizing advanced 5th gen refined process. Based on ROHM’s market-proven P-channel MOSFET structure, these new products leverage refined process technology to achieve the lowest ON resistance per unit area in their class. This translates to 62% lower ON resistance vs conventional products for -40V new products and 52% for the -60V new products.

At the same time, quality is improved by optimizing the device structure and adopting a new design that mitigates electric field concentration. As a result, both high reliability and low ON resistance (which are typically in a trade-off relationship) are achieved. These solutions contribute to stable long-term operation in industrial equipment demanding exceptional quality.

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