In an interview with the media, Jason Wang, co-president of the foundry UMC, said that semiconductor demand continues to rise, and the capacity constraints of 200mm and 300mm fabs have become more severe recently, and the capacity shortage has exceeded the increase in capacity.

Jason Wangle said that this imbalance between supply and demand will lead to structural changes in the semiconductor market. The structural problem that demand growth is greater than the increase in production capacity is difficult to solve, and the shortage of semiconductor production capacity may continue until 2023.

Jason Wang pointed out that if the semiconductor industry makes large-scale investment from now to 2023, it can solve the problem of insufficient production capacity. However, the possibility of large-scale investment in the industry is low, so the capacity shortage may be difficult to solve by 2022 to 2023.

In addition, according to the supply chain, UMC intends to raise its quotations again after the lunar new year, by up to 15%. UMC has notified 300mm customers that the lead time will be extended by nearly one month due to overcapacity.