According to a report from Nikkei Asia on the 27th, AKM Semiconductor is manufacturing some of its components at Renesas Electronics. The shortage of AKM chip supply caused by the fire in October 2020 will be alleviated.

The report pointed out that Renesas will carry out production operations in the 200mm wafer production line of its main factory in Japan, Naka Factory. The factory has already produced other automotive chips, and will use the remaining capacity as an OEM for AKM.

The report stated that Renesas produced the IC used in the quartz oscillator for AKM. This product is mostly used in automobile safety systems to prevent collisions or reduce damage. AKM has a high market share in this market. However, affected by the fire, it is currently unknown when the production line will resume operation. In order to maintain supply, AKM can only solve the supply problem through outsourcing.

The report stated that Renesas will send the OEM samples to automakers, and large automakers will begin verification. Renesas may start supplying around the spring.