According to Nikkei Asia, TSMC and other companies in the foundry industry are considering increasing the price of automotive chips.

The report pointed out that Vanguard International Semiconductor, a subsidiary of TSMC that produces automotive chips, is discussing with other local manufacturers to consider raising prices by 15% and is expected to gradually implement new price increases from the second half of February to March.

The report stated that companies currently considering increasing chip prices, including companies such as TSMC and UMC, have asked customers of automotive semiconductor manufacturers for their opinions.

Prior to this, automotive chip suppliers such as Renesas had already issued price increases to customers. If their foundry providers also decide to increase prices, the price of automotive ICs will inevitably increase.

In response to the Nikkei Asia report, TSMC said that the company will not respond to price issues. It has always been a partnership with customers, focusing on customer trust and focusing on service value.

Regarding the automotive chips shortage, TSMC pointed out that it had discussions with customers, the government and industry associations. The chips shortage is a common problem faced by the automotive industry. The company will work closely with automotive electronics customers to support production capacity requirements and solve chip shortages.