Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.’s subsidiary Murata Electronics Trading (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereafter: Murata Shenzhen) has installed a new anechoic chamber (Murata Shenzhen EMC -LAB ; hereafter: the Center) in Shenzhen, China and has begun providing EMC evaluation support. The Center enables the evaluation of EMC, including radiated emissions, and represents Murata’s second anechoic chamber in China, following Shanghai.

In the automotive market, the rapid electrification of cars and proliferation of electric vehicles are complicating the issue of noise. Because EMC evaluation and improvements of automotive devices require a significant amount of time, electronic parts makers must offer optimal noise suppression more quickly.

Murata Shenzhen has therefore installed a new anechoic chamber and will begin EMC evaluation support by implementing EMC noise evaluations of automotive devices. This will contribute to improved total solutions offered to Murata customers with regards to the expansion of CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared/Service, Electric) and electric vehicles, for which large increases in demand are expected.