According to reports, TSMC announced that its capital expenditure in 2021 will reach 25 billion to 28 billion US dollars, of which 80% will be used for new plants in the United States and advanced processes below 7 nanometers.

According to sources in the semiconductor industry, TSMC’s capital expenditure of over US$15 billion will be mainly used for the 3-nanometer process. At present, in addition to Apple's Mac series chips and iPhone and iPad series A17 chips, TSMC also has orders for CPUs from Intel.

TSMC pointed out that 3nm has many customers in high-performance computing and smart phone applications. It is reported that Apple, Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm have already booked TSMC's 2024 production capacity.

Another insider in the semiconductor equipment industry said that TSMC has never stopped expanding its advanced manufacturing process and advanced packaging. At present, many equipment factories have already deployed production for TSMC's 2022 plan.