According to Taiwan media reports, UMC's Hsinchu Science Park plant suffered a power outage on the afternoon of the 9th. The chief financial officer confirmed that there was a power outage accident in the 200mm fab, and it is estimated that a small part of production capacity will be lost for half a day, which will slightly affect operations.

UMC’s CFO said that the 8A and 8B plants were affected by the power outage, which accounted for about half of UMC’s 200mm wafer capacity. After the accident, the two plants maintained power supply with a backup power generation system.

The report pointed out that UMC’s 8AB, 8C and 8D plants have a total monthly capacity of over 130,000 200mm wafers. UMC said that the power outage should have a slight impact on UMC's operations and will try to make up for the lost capacity gap. However, the actual impact has yet to be confirmed.