According to reports, in order to meet market demand, Intel’s three fabs are expanding the production of 10nm process chips.

The report said that in order to cope with huge customer demand, Intel doubled its 14nm and 10nm production capacity in the past few years. However, Intel is now focusing on the expansion of 10nm process capacity.

At this stage, Intel's three fabs in Oregon, Arizona, and Israel are all accelerating the production of chips with 10nm process.

Keyvan Esfarjani, Intel’s senior vice president and general manager of manufacturing and operations, said that Intel’s wafer production capacity has doubled in the past three years, which is a major investment. Next, Intel will continue to invest in the capacity of its fabs to ensure that it can keep up with the growing needs of customers. In addition, the progress of the 10nm process is also very smooth. At present, three fabs around the world are accelerating the production of 10nm process chips.