Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is announcing the opening of its Minato MIRAI Innovation Center, becoming the Kanto region’s largest research and development hub.

At the Minato MIRAI Innovation Center, located in the Minatomirai 21 district in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Murata intends to bolster its design and planning capacities, as well as basic product research for new markets like energy, healthcare, and IoT, in addition to its core business in the communications and automobile markets. In particular, the company plans to increase its share of the healthcare and energy markets by strengthening collaborations with clients and industry participants using its geographical advantage. In its business related to the automobile market, Murata will increase its competitiveness by installing a large anechoic chamber for vehicles, accumulating further design expertise and gaining rapid and continuous feedback for its product design.

Along with reinforcing the coordination with other Murata R&D hubs such as the Yasu and Yokohama Divisions, Murata will also increase its collaboration with external partners, such as via technology exchanges. By promoting open innovation the company will continue to offer leading innovative products and technology for each of our core market segments.