According to the latest report of TrendForce, a semiconductor market research organization, as the number of NAND Flash suppliers is much higher than that of DRAM, and the supply bit growth rate remains high, it is expected that NAND Flash prices will continue to decline quarter by quarter in 2021.

NAND Flash prices may fall by 10%-15% in the first quarter of next year-SemiMedia

Looking forward to the first quarter of next year, TrendForce pointed out that when Samsung, YMTC, SK Hynix and Intel are all active in bit output, the oversupply of NAND Flash will become more obvious, with a quarterly increase in bit output of 6 %, the estimated price will drop by about 10-15% quarterly.

In terms of product categories, PC OEM inventory levels are high, and Client SSD prices are estimated to fall by 10-15% quarter-on-quarter; PCIe supply chain price competition is intensified, and Enterprise SSD prices are estimated to fall by 10-15% quarter-on-quarter. In addition, eMMC and UFS prices are expected to fall by 5-10% quarter-to-quarter, and NAND Flash wafer prices are expected to drop nearly 15% quarter-on-quarter.