According to supply chain, Walsin recently raised the latest quotation of its LTCC products by 30%, while the spot market saw a maximum increase of 50%.

As smart phones enter the 5G era, the consumption of LTCC has increased from about 3-5 pieces in the 4G era to 10-18 pieces, an increase of 30%. In addition, the demand for network communications and 5G base stations has increased, simultaneously stimulating the demand for LTCC.

Regarding the increase in LTCC's quotation, Walsin said that LTCC is currently benefiting from the rising demand for 5G applications, and order visibility has exceeded 3 months. As for price trends, it depends on market supply and demand.

As optimistic about the growth trend of LTCC demand, Walsin has launched an expansion plan for LTCC, and it is estimated that LTCC production capacity will grow quarter by quarter. In the second quarter of this year, Walsin’s monthly production capacity of LTCC was about 210 million pieces, and it increased to 240 million pieces per month in the third quarter. It is estimated that the monthly production capacity in the first quarter of next year will be increased to 300 million pieces, and the production will be expanded by 10% per year in the next five years.