GlobalWafers announced today that it is in the final stage of negotiations with silicon wafer manufacturer Siltronic AG to reach a business combination agreement (BCA). GlobalWafers intends to publicly acquire Siltronic AG's outstanding shares for 125 euros per share.

GlobalWafers and Siltronic AG are expected to sign the BCA in the second week of December after obtaining the approval of the Siltronic AG Supervisory Board and GlobalWafers Board of Directors.

Doris Hsu, Chairman of GlobalWafers, pointed out that both parties believe that the combined business system will have good synergies and will be able to complement and effectively invest and expand production capacity.

Siltronic AG is the world's fourth largest silicon wafer manufacturer with a market share of about 7%, while GlobalWafers is the world's third largest manufacturer with a market share of 18%. After the completion of the acquisition, GlobalWafers' market share in the global silicon wafer market is expected to rise to about 25%, which is only 3% away from SUMCO's 28%.