According to the semiconductor supply chain, in addition to TSMC and Samsung Electronics, most other foundries have also raised the foundry prices of 8-inch wafers. In 2021, the price of foundry will increase by at least 20%, and the price of urgent orders may even increase by 40%.

Regarding the reasons for the price increase, the supply chain pointed out that the epidemic has stimulated the demand for online office and online education, coupled with the popularization of 5G, and the impact of the U.S. ban on SMIC, the global 200mm wafer foundry capacity is tight, and the capacity shortage is expected to continue until the second half of next year. This situation is basically consistent with the semiconductor packaging market conditions reported earlier.

According to the source, the demand for consumer electronics products has grown rapidly, and the chip usage of 5G mobile phones has also increased by more than 30% compared with 4G phones. In addition, the usage of chips such as power management, MOSFET, under-screen fingerprint recognition, ToF, and sensors has increased significantly.

Semiconductor manufacturers pointed out that due to the insufficient capacity of 200mm and the difficulty in expanding production capacity in the short term, foundry prices have shown an upward trend. In the fourth quarter, foundry prices have risen by about 10-15%.