Passive component manufacturer Walsin confirmed yesterday that the company’s resistor factory in Malaysia had stopped production due to a confirmed case of Covid-19. Walsin emphasized that the company will apply to the local government to resume production as soon as possible.

Walsin's factory in Malaysia mainly produces resistors for automotive and consumer electronics products, accounting for 20% of the company's overall production capacity. The products that are more affected by the shutdown include automotive resistors, 0201 chip resistors, 01005 chip resistors and High Power resistors.

Industry insiders pointed out that Walsin's current product inventory is low, and the shutdown of the factory will result in a further decline in the inventory level.

Huaxin stated that the company has now launched a comprehensive test on the employees of the factory in accordance with the instructions of the Malaysian government. If all the results are negative, it will immediately apply to the government for a permit to resume work and do its best to meet the needs of customers.