Intel CEO Bob Swan explained the delayed 7nm chip on the recent earnings call. He pointed out that the company will decide whether to outsource the production of 7-nanometer chips in early 2021.

Bob Swan pointed out that Intel's 7nm process is progressing well and the corresponding vulnerabilities have been fixed. Despite this, Bob Swan said that Intel will evaluate third parties and Intel’s own factories based on three criteria: predictability of progress, product performance, and economic benefits of the supply chain.

Regarding whether to outsource all products, the company said that it may hand over the production of certain products to a third party, such as server chips. Outsourcing can also integrate third-party chips with Intel's devices for production.

Bob Swan pointed out that Intel is currently considering a combination of outsourcing to ensure that the company can master the pace and launch leading products by 2023 and 2024 as in the previous three years.