In recent years, the penetration rate of DMS (driver monitoring systems) in the field of smart cars has continued to increase, which has brought a considerable future market for its core component CMOS image sensor. Recently, SmartSens, a CMOS image sensor manufacturer from China, launched its new 1.3-megapixel global shutter image sensor SC133GS.

SC133GS adopts 2.7μm pixels and 1/4" optical size, enabling the DMS system to effectively monitor the driver’s driving status and ensure driving safety. In addition, the DMS system equipped with SC133GS can monitor real-time seat belts, eyelid closure, blinking, and gaze directions , Yawning and head movement to identify the driver's state, the image provides the basis of recognition calculations for the smart cockpit system, and becomes the key to the smart cockpit system.

The DMS system needs to respond quickly and send out early warning signals during driving, so it has extremely high requirements on the timeliness and accuracy of the driver's image. With the industry-leading Global Shutter technology advantage, SC133GS can provide the DMS system with indestructible and artifact-free high-definition identifiable images in a timely manner, providing a solid foundation for the system to make accurate judgments. At the same time, the high frame rate of 120fps ensures that the camera can capture every moment of the driver's status change in real time, providing an effective guarantee for the rapid response of the DMS system.

Mr. Ouyang Jian, Deputy General Manager of SmartSens, said: “With the development of smart cars, effective driver monitoring is an important part of autonomous driving. With many advantages including Global Shutter, SC133GS provides better image technology support for advanced driving assistance systems including DMS, and further helps to create a safer smart cockpit system. In addition, SC133GS has a wide range of applicability. In addition, SC133GS can also be used in other applications, such as smart (face) payment systems, barcode recognition and many other machine vision scenarios."

The SC133GS in now in mass production, more information please visit