On Tuesday, SEMI released an annual forecast report on silicon wafer shipments. According to the report, global silicon wafer shipments are expected to increase by 2.4% year-on-year in 2020, continue to grow in 2021, and hit a record high in 2022.

SEMI: Global silicon wafer shipments will hit a record high in 2022-SemiMedia

Silicon wafers are the fundamental building material for semiconductors, which in turn, are vital components of virtually all electronics goods, including computers, telecommunications products, and consumer electronics. The highly engineered thin round disks are produced in various diameters (from one inch to 12 inches) and serve as the substrate material on which most semiconductor devices or chips are fabricated.

“Silicon wafer shipments are recovering this year despite pressure from geopolitical tensions, the shifting global semiconductor supply chain and the COVID-19 pandemic," said Clark Tseng, director of Industry Research and Statistics at SEMI. “With the pandemic accelerating digitization to transform businesses and their delivery of services worldwide, we expect continued growth over the next two years.”