According to BBC reports, AVX plans to lay off 77 employees in Coleraine, Londonderry County, Northern Ireland, equivalent to one-third of the number of employees there.

According to information from AVX, the facility mainly produces automotive-grade MLCC. As for the reasons for the layoffs, AVX said that the coronavirus pandemic has led to a decline in demand for these products.

The report also cited local officials as saying that AVX has established a second production site in Penang, Malaysia, and is also laying off staff. "

The company said it now needs to re-align the business to reduced market demand.

"We very much regret having to make these proposals, and do not underestimate the affect it will have on our workforce," said Martin McGuigan, the senior vice president of AVX Europe, "However, it is essential that we continue to effectively manage our cost base."

AVX remained focused on "developing and maintaining a sustainable business in Coleraine", he added.

The report pointed out that the layoff negotiations will take place this week.