NXP and AliOS, the OS for IoT developed by Alibaba, have started the cooperation for the smart cars development. The two parties will launch full-scale technical and commercial cooperation in the field of intelligent networked vehicles to accelerate the installation and deployment of the AliOS car operating system and NXP's infotainment platform and complete solution in automotive manufacturers.

Hu Xiaoming, president of AliOS, pointed out: "In the past three years, AliOS has been promoting the intelligentization and network transformation of automobiles, helping automotive manufacturers and consumers to improve the user experience. This is the first step, and we will promote the car in the future. The intelligence is related to the digitization of the city, the digitization of the road, and the digitization of the infrastructure. NXP is the leader in the global safe connected car field. We look forward to the cooperation between both parties to create a powerful underlying capability platform for the car, allowing more advanced technology lands quickly and reduces the barriers for car manufacturers to plan mass production of smart cars. We look forward to redefining the future of cars through the co-operation of ecosystems."

As the world's largest market share supplier for automotive semiconductors, NXP is highly recognized by most OEMs in the world and in China. In addition to the smart cockpit, NXP provides the most complete automotive driving solution, regardless of the connection to the car. Inside entertainment information systems, control of body electronics, smart car keys, ADAS, chassis, safety, NXP provide complete solutions. Its rich and mature automotive product line has become a fundamental determinant for large-scale mass production and landing. “NXP has been serving cars for over 50 years, and our reputation has been built. Our value concept is the requirements of the car class, not for anyone who wants to be a car. In addition to the product family program, our Innovation and vehicle-level requirements are all issues that a depot needs to consider when it comes to accepting a new plan,” said Liu Fang, head of NXP's China auto business.