Recently, SMIC said in an interview with the media that its 14nm has entered the mass production stage, and the yield is steadily rising.

In addition, SMIC revealed that the overall production capacity is tight, and the capacity utilization rate has reached 98.6%.

In order to continue to expand production and improve its competitiveness in the market, SMIC has raised its capital expenditure this year from 4.3 billion US dollars to 6.7 billion US dollars. The new capital expenditure will be mainly used for advanced process capacity construction and mature process capacity expansion.

SMIC pointed out that the monthly production capacity of 14nm will reach 15,000 pieces by the end of the year, the monthly production capacity of 8-inch wafers will increase by 30,000 pieces, and the monthly production capacity of 12-inch wafers will increase by more than 20,000 pieces.