According to Taiwanese media reports, WPG Group, one of the world's largest authorized distributors of electronic components, recently announced the appointment of Mike Chang as the new CEO.

According to the explanation issued by WPG, due to the expiration of the term of the last CEO Frank Yeh, the board of directors appointed a new manager in response to the implementation of the future WPG Group organizational plan.

Mike Chang will serve as CEO from January 2021, and will lead the group to actively expand the global market, enhance and promote WPG's service capabilities in the global electronic component supply chain.

The new CEO Mike Chang has 40 years of extensive experience in the field of semiconductor components. He used to work for Texas Instruments and joined WPI Group (part of WPG Group) in 1993. Mike Chang has been promoted to the chairman and chief executive officer of WPI Group since 2008, and has concurrently served as chief executive officer of WPG overseas business group in 2014.

WPG pointed out that the former CEO Frank Yeh will serve as vice chairman after resigning as CEO, and will continue to focus on strategic tasks such as intelligent logistics (LaaS) to provide customers with higher value-added services

In terms of company operating performance, WPG’s July consolidated revenue was NT$57.31 billion, a 21% increase in monthly and 24.5% year-on-year growth. From January to July 2020, the cumulative revenue was NT$338.16 billion, an annual increase of 17.8%.