Altair Semiconductor announced that it will change its name to Sony Semiconductor Israel. In the past few years, Altair, which focuses on the Internet of Things, has grown under the Sony Group and has been deeply integrated with Sony’s other semiconductor businesses.

Nohik Semel, CEO of Altair Semiconductor, said: "In the past four years, we are honored to be a part of Sony and play an important role in the company’s core business. In order to better reflect our long-term commitment to our partners and customers, and the quality of our products, we decided to change the Altair company name to Sony."

In fact, after Sony acquired Altair four years ago, the two parties have carried out a certain technical integration. For example, Sony deployed the AI DSP IP developed by Altair in its new IMX500/501 image sensor, and integrated an AI inference block in the logic chip of the sensor.