According to Taiwan media reports, TSMC has recently received a large order for Sony’s CIS (CMOS Image Sensor) products, which is only half a year after Sony first handed over its CIS products to TSMC for the first time at the beginning of this year. The report said the new order will extend the cooperation between the two parties to 28 nanometers.

According to the report, TSMC has set its 14B fab production line as a dedicated production line for Sony’s high-end CIS. Industry insiders said that the market potential of autonomous driving and smart phones are driving demand growth in the global CIS market. The entire market is optimistic about the future application prospects of high-end CIS, and Sony’s competitors Samsung and OmniVision are also actively expanding production capacity recently.

In fact, Sony has been cooperating with TSMC for many years, but the past cooperation is mainly based on logic chips, and its CIS products are all produced by itself. Earlier this year, Sony changed its strategy and handed over some CIS orders to TSMC for production. Industry insiders analyzed that Sony is planning to use TSMC's capacity advantage to increase its market share.