According to Reuters, the CEO of Globalfoundries Tom Caulfield said on the 24th that the company may expand the output of its US production site or build a new factory near the existing site.

The report pointed out that Globalfoundries may use 30% to 40% of its unused building area in the factory in Malta, New York to install new equipment, which is expected to be completed within 12 to 14 months.

In addition, Tom Caulfield also said in an interview that in the future, a new production facility may be built near the Malta factory, which is expected to be put into production by 2024. However, Tom Caulfield also said that this plan depends on customer needs.

In addition, Globalfoundries recently announced that the company has obtained the purchase option for 66 acres of undeveloped land near Malta. Tom Caulfield said that the expansion of existing factories will cost billions of dollars, while the construction of new factories will cost more.