Yesterday, CCTC, a passive component manufacturer in mainland China, said in an interview that its new MLCC production line has already begun construction.

According to reports, the construction period of this project is 3 years, and the production line will be mainly used for the production of high-reliability MLCCs, such as high-capacitance, ultra-small and high-voltage products. After the production line is completed and put into production, the annual sales revenue is expected to reach RMB 1.56 billion (approximately USD 220 million).

CCTC said that the 5G era will promote the performance and functions of intelligent applications, which will greatly increase the use of MLCC. In addition, the limited and shrinking printed circuit board size will make MLCC develop towards high reliability, high capacitance, ultra-small size, and high frequency.

During media interviews, CCTC also stated that the company's communication components are currently used in 5G communication base stations and will benefit from investment and construction in the 5G field.