According to earlier report, Fenghua Advanced Technology announced on March 12 that it plans to invest $1.07 billion to build a high-end MLCC production base to improve MLCC production capacity and market competitiveness.

An industry source recently revealed that the construction of Fenghua's high-end capacitor production base is planned to break ground on May 22. The project is planned to be completed in three phases, with a total construction period of 28 months. After the completion of the high-end MLCC base project, Fenghua's overall production capacity will rise from eighth to fifth in the global ranking.

Wang Jinquan, chairman of Fenghua, recently pointed out that in recent years, the global supply and demand of MLCC has undergone tremendous changes, and supply has not kept pace with the increase in demand. Although Fenghua Technology is in a leading position in the field of passive electronic components in mainland China and its production has been fully loaded, the current monthly output of MLCC is about 13 billion pieces, which cannot even meet 10% of a 5G company's demand.

About Fenghua

Founded in 1984, Fenghua Advanced Technology is a leading manufacturer of electronic components in mainland China. Its main products include passive components such as MLCCs, chip resistors, chip inductors, ceramic filters, and semiconductor devices.